Ajarku Muruu

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                                                                                               Ajarku Muruu

This painting was donated to Queensland Parliament House and now hangs on Level 5 which is the reconcilliation level. In my painting the different coloured hands represent the many different cultures and people living in the land we call home, Australia. The raised brown and yellow ochre centrepiece represents our sparse rugged land. The blue dots represent the rivers that give life to us all. The red dots represent the blood spilt in battle both here in Australia and overseas by all Australians protecting our way of life. The black dots represent the spirits of those departed that watch over us all and our land and the yellow ochre dots represent the youth of today that will take their country to new heights tomorrow.

The Kangaroo and emu represents our persistence for equality, which is always moving forwards and never backwards. The small white dots represent the spirit trails that link all Australians together in this movement forward under a common unity, The Southern Cross.

This painting is called “Ajarku Muruu” which means in the Kalkadoon language “All One Country”.

This painting was created and painted for the Honourable John Mickel MP, Speaker for the Legislative Assembly of Queensland as a gift from all Australians to Parliament House.

We hope you like the message we bring.

Medium – Acrylic and raised acrylic on linen canvas.

Size – 100cm wide x 100cm high.


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