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My name is Chern’ee Sutton I am 19 years old and I am a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people from the Mount Isa area in Queensland.

This painting is called “Borobi” which means “Koala” in the Yugambeh language and my artwork on Borobi’s hands and paws are symbolic of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Each country of the Commonwealth is represented by the campsite or meeting place (on the feet) with both female and male athlete symbols sitting united on either side. Athlete's from each Commonwealth country then start their journey to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games followed by the spectators and supporters that also travel to the games.

The athlete's arrive at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games which is represented by the main campsite which also represents the ocean/water in Yugambeh symbols. This main campsite has men and woman athletes from each country of the Commonwealth sitting united. The athletes then continue their journey fighting for gold at the Commonwealth Games at several locations around the Gold Coast.

The wavy lines in the fingertips represent the 11 days (2 hands) of the Commonwealth Games and the scattered dots represent the spectators from all over the world that come to support the Games.


By Chern’ee Sutton

Age – 19 years.

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