All One Country

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All One Country

This painting is called “All One Country” and it represents a goal that will be achieved in the near future which is a united Australia.

The three separate coloured footprints represent the many different cultures of Australians that walk their own separate paths and journeys that meet at a campsite. Wise different coloured Australians sit around the campsite and after some time they reconcile their differences with each other and then leave the campsite walking together and crossing paths with each other until at last they reach “All One Country” which is represented by the three combined flags.

The bright coloured circles represent the many organisations that will be born from this new united nation that will show persistence in equality and acceptance and take our country to new heights of unity.

The red dots represent the many people who have worked their whole lives towards reconciliation and the teal dots represent the youth of today that will keep us there.

The handprints represents the many races living in Australia as one and the white spirit trails link us all together with each other, the past, the present, the future and “All One Country”.

This painting was commisioned by Caritas Australia who is an international aid and developement organisation of the Catholic Church of Australia.

By Chern’ee Sutton

Age – 16 years.

Size – 125cm wide X 100cm high.




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