Photo Gallery 4

Photos taken at Amart and Rebel in Brisbane where the jerseys and merchandise I designed for the Indigenous All Stars Team went on sale.



Attended the Australia Day Weekend in Brisbane for four days where I was an Australia Day Ambassador. I was also an Artist in Residence commissioned by the Australia Day Council to paint a reconciliation painting at Southbank called “United Australia”. Photo 1 is with Aunty Maroochy Barambah songwoman and law-woman of the Turrbal people of Brisbane. Photo 2 is with Australian Olympian's and Paralympian's, including Marayke a fellow Australia Day ambassador and award winning swimmer. Photo 5 is being presented with my Australia Day Ambassador pin.






Painted a large painting with the Indigenous All Stars team and the All Stars Team all placing their handprints and signatures on the painting. The painting was 3m long and is being auctioned off with all proceeds going to AIME which is an Indigenous mentoring program.






















Indigenous Leaders Dinner at Dreamworlds Billabong Restaurant with the Indigenous All Stars Team, coaches and other dignataries.


                      My artwork was used on banners, lights etc.


                        Photos with Johnathon Thurston, Brad Tighe and Ben Barba.


    Indigenous All Stars Womens Captain                        Entertainment by Morgan Kingi

                Tallisha Harden


         Indigenous All Stars Captains                                    Photo in front of my painting

             recieving their jerseys                                                  with Luke Carroll

Photo with the Honorable Linda Burney MP and Chair of the NRL's Indigenous Council, fellow Council member

Joshua Creamer, All Stars Founder Preston Campbell and Aunty Linda.


NRL's Youth Summit 2015


    Guest speaker at the NRL's      Presenting Preston Campbell with a hand painted

            Youth Summit                        football from the NRL and being presented

                                                               with my Indigenous All stars Jersey


            Photo with Kierran Moseley                            Photo with Tyson Andrews, Kyle Turner

                                                                                             and Chris Grevsmuhl